Oasis of the Seas: Day 6 in Cozumel!

Our final stop on this cruise was in Cozumel, a port we’ve been to several times in the past. Normally we use this as a beach day and just grab a cab to one of the local resorts, but having already spent a day on the beach in Labadee this time, we decided to try a dune buggy excursion through a supplier we’ve used in the past for both clients and ourselves, ShoreTrips.

The ship docked pretty early, and started allowing people to get off at about 8:15. We weren’t scheduled to meet our tour guide until 11am ship time (10am local time), so we hung out and ate breakfast at the MDR before getting off to check out a few of the local shops. It was pretty humid, and none of us really had the patience to walk all of the port shops in that heat, so after picking a couple of things up, we grabbed a cab to the Hotel Cozumel and Resort where we were scheduled to meet our guides ($12 for 5 people for the cab ride).

On arrival, our guides Omar and Ronny from Cozumel Buggy greeted us and led us over to some seats in the lobby. Once we got all checked in with them and they went over what the tour entailed, they led us and the two other groups to our buggies. These things were pretty cool, just note that whoever is going to drive needs to be able to drive a stick, all of their buggies have 4-speed manual transmissions.

We started with a drive out of the city, following Omar all the way, and eventually ended up driving along the incredibly scenic coastline before stopping at a little resort for about 30min of beach time. Here you can order food and drink if you want, but you do have to pay for it. The guide carries water and soda in his buggy that’s included, so we didn’t choose to buy anything, we just hung out in the ocean for a while:

After the beach break, we got back in the buggy and drove down the coastline a little more before stopping at El Cedral for some Mayan history. The guide gave us a talk on the history of the town, and took us for a little traditional Mayan food. We also had the chance to take pictures next to a Mayan temple and purchase some items from local vendors.

Next up, we drove around the remainder of the island’s coastline and back to the hotel we started at. That brought us to the last parts of the excursion, snorkeling and lunch, in that order. The snorkeling itself was just okay, as you hop in the water from a pier across the street and swim out in to a rocky shoreline area. We did see some small fish and a couple of rays, but it was pretty choppy, and I think the three of us were pretty well spent by the time we got back to the pier and got out.

After getting out and dried off, it was time for lunch. We ate at the hotel’s buffet and were served fajitas, along with a few sides. They cooked up both beef or chicken, but ran out of chicken near the end of the line. I had the beef, which wasn’t bad, but the fries on the buffet were pretty cold. Oh well, for the most part I think everyone got filled up before we called it a day and grabbed cabs back to the boat.

We were all pretty worn out, and decided to skip dinner in the MDR, as nothing on the menu really seemed worth getting cleaned up and dressed up for. We had tickets to Come Fly With Me, the acrobatic show, so we hit that up at 8:30. It was a pretty good show, save for the singing.

After the show ended, we headed to Johnny Rockets. This isn’t free for lunch or dinner, but at dinner you pay a $6.95/pp cover charge and can eat whatever you want on the menu. Soda and water are included, but shakes and anything with alcohol is extra. I had the Route 66 burger while Bayley had the grilled cheese, and we both ordered the bacon cheese fries. Yummy… I have a lot of working out to do after we get home to burn all this off…

That about covers day 6. I’ll try and get my recap of our final day aboard the Oasis done tomorrow, with a post on our disembarkation experience and final thoughts a few days later after we’ve had some time to decompress and put our thoughts on the sailing together.

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