About Us

Who are we? Just a random family that likes to travel. My wife and daughter and I have spent the last couple of decades doing a variety of traveling, and absolutely love it. While we’ve enjoyed all-inclusive resorts, beach houses, and hotels, our favorite vacations have been our cruises. Through this blog, I’m hoping to document our travels, including thoughts on past trips, and maybe even provide helpful suggestions for those new to cruising. Keep in mind that these posts represent our opinions, so don’t get defensive if I say something negative about a cruise line / resort / hotel that you may love. Even thought we own a travel agency, we don’t play favorites here, and I’ll be posting both the positives and negatives we encounter along the way. Remember, this is a personal blog, and the opinions are our own.

As far as a favorite cruise line, I wouldn’t say we’re loyal to any one to the point of only sailing it, but as you can see from the list of our past cruises, we’re definitely MSC fans. Regardless, we like variety and earning loyalty points isn’t high up on the list of things we look for when booking. We’d rather experience as much variety as possible. If you’re interested in reviews of our past sailings, click on their links below!

10/20/18: NCL Bliss – Mexican Riviera
03/14/18: Disney Fantasy – Western Caribbean
12/23/17: MSC Seaside – Caribbean and Antilles
12/21/17: MSC Seaside – Two night inaugural / naming ceremony
10/28/17: RCL Harmony of the Seas – Western Caribbean
07/29/17: MSC Divina – Caribbean and Antilles
05/29/17: Disney Dream – 4 Night Bahamian
03/26/17: Hurtigruten MS Nordnorge – Classic Southern Voyage (shortened)
12/03/16: Carnival Vista – Southern Caribbean
08/27/16: MSC Divina – Caribbean and Antilles (Yacht Club)
05/21/16: RCL Oasis of the Seas – Western Caribbean
03/26/16: MSC Divina – Caribbean and Antilles (Yacht Club)
12/19/15: MSC Divina – Caribbean and Antilles
11/14/15: NCL Escape – Eastern Caribbean
06/08/14: Celebrity Summit – Bermuda
11/23/13: CCL Breeze – Southern Caribbean
11/18/12: CCL Legend – Western Caribbean
11/19/11: CCL Freedom – Western Caribbean
06/08/08: RCCL Vision of the Seas – Mexico
03/19/06: NCL Jewel – Western Caribbean
01/29/04: CCL Imagination – Western Caribbean
02/14/02: RCCL Nordic Empress – Eastern Caribbean (without our daughter)
02/09/01: RCCL Majesty of the Seas – Bahamas (without our daughter)
03/xx/89: Admiral Cruises Azure Seas – Ensenada

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