MSC Divina Day 3 – The Yacht Club Fun Continues!

As the end of our second sea day approaches, I wanted to get another post up on our time in Yacht Club so far. As I think I mentioned before, we weren’t really sure what to expect going in, but so far we’ve been really happy with everything the suites have to offer.

The past two days have been filled with a mix of activities for us. We’ve participated in several of our normal activities, from Taboo to trivia, and even another round of Scattergories, and have had a blast at all of them. I know I’ve mentioned how great the entertainment staff is in several previous posts on the Divina, but it really can’t be understated. This team is really fun to be around, and they do their best to ensure all participants are having a good time. They always have a smile on their faces. Always. So glad Bingo Boys are still a thing, too. Those guys make bingo fun (even if you don’t play), and that’s no easy task.


Having covered the normal activates in the posts about our Christmas sailing, I’d like to focus this more on the Yacht Club aspect of this trip. So far, it’s been worth every penny. I recognize it’s not a cheap upgrade, but it’s one that I wouldn’t hesitate to go for again. On the last sailing, the service from our dining room team and cabin attendant was somewhat lacking, as I covered in those posts, but this trip has been the exact opposite:

Cabin: Our butler Jaques and his assistant have been outstanding. Our cabin always looks great, and they always seem to be around, greeting us with a smile. Some of the best cabin service we’ve had on any sailing.

Dining room: In Le Muse, I finally see the purpose of a Maître D. In a large MDR, you never really see what they’re doing, and generally they only stop by once a cruise (unless there are issues raised), which can make you feel like they only showed up to get the extra tip that’s common for the Maître D on some lines. In a smaller setting like Le Muse, you really get to see him (or her) work. Our Maitre D has been outstanding, taking care of our seating arrangements, stopping by more than once per meal, and always engaging in short conversation asking how your day has been, how the meal is, etc. All with a smile on his face. We’ve eaten in there for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he always seems to be there ensuring guests are happy.

Our head waiter (Dejan) and his assistant have been outstanding. Always there to get what you need, and doing an excellent job keeping our glasses full. Also, I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but when we’ve eaten in there for breakfast and lunch, we’ve had the same head waiter for (I think) each of those meals as well, even though we’ve been at different tables. A nice touch if it is part of the plan.

Food: The food in Le Muse has so far been consistently better than what we remember of the MDR. We did have some good food there, but it was almost a hit or miss thing, with one night being good, the next night no so much, etc. In Le Muse, I don’t think we’ve had anything we didn’t like yet. Yes, the Easter dinner menu was the same in our restaurant as it was in the MDR, but other than that they’ve had little overlap, and we’ve had some good quality food compared to our previous MDR experience on the Divina.

Other perks of Yacht Club have been great as well:

Captain’s reception: Earlier today, there was a reception in the Top Sail lounge specifically for Yacht Club guests to meet the captain. Other than our trip on the Celebrity Summit, I’m not sure we’ve ever attended the captain’s events on previous ships. This time, we took advantage and hung out in the lounge with some drinks as the captain made his way around. He stopped by each table and chatted with the guests for a few minutes. Jen was sure to tell him how much we enjoy the entertainment staff, hope they get some recognition out of that!


Pool deck: This is where the whole “ship within a ship” concept stands out. We didn’t lay by the pool at all yesterday, but in walking the 14th and 15th decks outside have noticed how full it is during the day. There are a crazy amount of deck chairs out all around (pretty much any open spot on either deck front to back), and they’re always full. Either people are laying out in them, or they’ve got towels and bags on them. Can’t say I remember any ship we’ve been on where you really couldn’t find two or three chairs together anywhere unless you got down there really, really early. In Yacht Club, no such nonsense. We laid out today after lunch, and were easily able to find open space (plenty of it, in my opinion), and it was very peaceful. No kids running around yelling, and no real noise other than the waves. So relaxing. Here are a couple of comparison shots taken this afternoon:


It doesn’t hurt that there are a really good selection of drinks (both alcoholic and non) available at no additional cost in Yacht Club J

One additional thing to call out in regards to my mention of no kids running around the pool, it’s not that there aren’t any children in Yacht Club, because there are. What we’ve seen so far is that they’re really well behaved. Whether it’s in Le Muse, Top Sail, or up in the Yacht Club pool area, they’ve all been very polite and well-mannered regardless of age. I’m not saying all kids outside of this area aren’t, since good behavior is certainly not reserved for suite guests, but overall it’s been a nice change of pace compared to some of the ones we’ve run in to (literally, sometimes) while out in other areas of the ship.

Overall, we’re having a great time, and even with the same itinerary as Christmas, this feels like a completely different cruise. With a day in St Thomas on tap for tomorrow, can’t wait to see where the rest of the trip takes us!

Good night from cabin 15028!

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