We’re Back for Round 3 on the Divina!

Are we really on the Divina for a 3rd time in less than a year? Yes we are! I’ve mentioned before that we really like what the Divina has to offer, and when an opportunity presented itself to sail on her the week before Bayley started back to college, we jumped on it. The itinerary is similar to the December and March sailings, with the exception of a stop in St Maarten replacing the stop in St Thomas. It’s been a long time since Jen and I have been there, so we’re definitely excited for that one. Now, I’m probably not going to do daily posts, as I’ve covered our past two sailings pretty thoroughly (See: December / March), but will throw one up here every few days, so if you’re interested, be sure to stop by and check them out!

Embarkation this time was a little slower than the past two sailings, but from what we heard it was due to the previous sailing starting departure a little later than normal. No problem. We had the Yacht Club check-in room to hang out in, complete with drinks and snacks. Yes, we are sailing in a suite again, and while we could have chosen a really low rate on an interior or balcony room, splurging a little more for Yacht Club and everything that comes with it was never in question. Definitely worth it to us!

We’re on board with a couple hundred other travel agents this week, and got to kick things off at 5:30 with a cocktail party in the Black and White lounge, where Ken Muskat and a few of the other MSC NA executives spoke to us for a few minutes before wandering the room and meeting with all of us. Part of this includes a little social media contest, so if you see me tagging @kenmuskat in all my pics, that’s why J. I’m, never shy about posting a ton of pictures on board anyway, but now we’ve got a little challenge to keep me busy!

The food has been delicious so far, as Le Muse doesn’t disappoint. We ate there for lunch shortly after boarding, and all had the filet mignon, which was excellent, followed by some crispy Nutella dessert that was absolutely delicious (sorry, forgot to take a pic). Dinner saw me ordering the lasagnetta, which I loved just as much this time as last. I’m not normally one for meatless lasagna, but this dish is incredible!

We’ve gushed over the entertainment team in the past, and on this sailing have already run into 3 of the team that were on for one or both of our previous sailings. We are missing a couple of them, Jaime and Domenico especially, but so far the team on board has been great. Bayley’s stayed in touch with a few of them, and from what she’s heard, the activities have completely changed between our last sailing and this one. Seems to be the case so far, with a round of movie poster trivia in the evening, followed by the “Let’s Bet” gameshow last night, both of which were a blast! We came close on that trivia, scoring 16, only bested by a team with 18. Well done!

That about covers everything so far. We’ve got 2 sea days on tap before St Maarten, and I definitely look forward to relaxing during them. We’re all really happy to be back on board and looking forward to hopefully showing you some sides of the ship we haven’t covered before. Stay tuned!

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