MSC Divina: Day 7 Recap – It’s Christmas!

Our final day aboard the Divina was also Christmas day, and what better way to spend the morning than opening presents in a balcony cabin? We did bring our stocking stuffers along, so we spent a few minutes doing just that before getting ready to head ashore in Nassau.

We’d gotten day passes for Breezes prior to sailing, so as soon a we got off the ship, we headed to the taxi stand and grabbed a cab to the resort. It was an absolutely beautiful Christmas day out, so after a short tour of the facilities they offer, we headed to the beach for some sun.

It was a bit windy, so unfortunately the water activities were limited and the trapeze instruction wasn’t happening. Shame, we were really looking forward to that, but hey, can’t really ask for better weather outside of the wind. Regardless, we spent plenty of time on the beach soaking up the sun before heading in for some food and drink.
After some food and a little more time in the sun, we grabbed a cab and headed back to the ship. Traffic down by the port was pretty bad in part due to having 6 ships docked, and also because of the Junkanoo festival happening later that night, with several of the teams taking up large sections of streets in the area setting up their stuff. It was pretty cool to see all that going on, although it would have been cooler if we were in port overnight to see the actual parade!

After a little shopping and a quick stop at the hair braiding stand, we braved the long security line to get back out on the dock and head to the ship.

Once on board, we headed up to the water slide to finally have a go at that. While I liked the Escape’s better, this one was fun, and we ended up riding it three times, including this run of Bayely’s:

After the water slide, we headed to the final session of trivia for this sailing. I can’t say enough about Jaime and his fun activities. That guy is always on, and did an excellent job mixing in some Christmas themed questions the past couple of days.

After trivia, we headed to 14 for one last ice cream cone, which brings up one issue I keep forgetting to call out. Unlike the American lines we’re used to, the soft serve machines on the Divina are only open from 2-5pm every day. Okay, we made our peace with that early on, but if it’s only going to be open for 3 hours, keep it clean and full. More often than not the front was covered in melted ice cream, and flavors were totally empty in multiple machines. Even on Carnival on three different Thanksgiving sailings (with a ton of kids on each sailing and 24 hour soft serve), this was the worst management we’ve seen of ice cream machines on a ship.

On our way back to our room to pack, we stopped to check out the dinner menu. None of us were excited by the choices, so we decided to try the pizza in Eataly, located in La Cantina di Bacco. Yes, we paid for pizza when the buffet pizza is yummy, but we wanted to try the meter of pizza in Eataly, and it didn’t disappoint. It was a bit too much, as we severely underestimated just how big a meter of pizza is, but both the white pizza side and the pepperoni side were amazing. That’s a lot of pizza for $21 🙂
We finished up a little after 8pm and headed to the theater to get good seats for the final show, a tribute to Michael Jackson. Surprisingly (as hyped as this show is), the theater didn’t end up full for the show, as there were quite a few open seats both upstairs and down. It was a really good show, and the guy who was Michael is an amazing dancer. The show ended with the entertainment staff on stage thanking the passengers and allowing the crowd to also thank them one last time. It was an excellent end to the cruise.

  After a short stop in the casino to lose a little more money and cash in a couple of small vouchers, we headed to the Black and White lounge for the final event hosted by the entertainment staff, the Stardust dance competition. Five passengers are paired with five of the ship’s dancers, and are given the opportunity to showcase their moves. Definitely a fun time, and it gave us the chance to thank the entertainment staff for an outstanding Christmas crust one last time. I’m sure it’s hard having to work Christmas, especially with their families so far away. If it was bothering them, they never once showed it. They were always smiling, having fun, and making sure the guests around them were having a great time as well.


Thanks again guys, you made our holidays that much better!

After we get home, I’ll get a final post up covering debark as well as some overall thoughts on the trip. In case I forget to say it in that post: Thank you all for joining us on our journey!

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