MSC Divina Day 7 – Do We Really Have to Get Off?

We’re nearing the end of our final day on the Divina, and having just finished the final trivia game of the sailing, I figured I’d get in one last blog post on board.

The last couple of days have been a continuation of the fun we’ve had so far. Yesterday was our “final” sea day, and I quote that because we also treated today’s stop in Nassau as a sea day too. On our November and December cruises, we’d gotten day passes at a couple of different resorts, but this time decided we’d spend most of the day on the ship, as there was really nothing we wanted to do here. Sure, Atlantis is cool, but it’s also pretty expensive these days, and with the crowds we expected in port (with 5 ships docked), we just didn’t feel it’d be worth the cost. We did get off for about a half hour so Bayley could get her hair braided and buy a few items for friends, but that was it for Nassau.

On both days, we participated in a variety of activities around the ship, including trivia, bingo, a scavenger hunt and a handful of other stuff. We managed to win one round of trivia yesterday, and finished second on the scavenger hunt, so we’re going home with a few prizes.

Additionally, we attended the main shows last night and tonight, even though we saw both the last time we were on Divina. Last night’s show was Treasure Island, a pirate themed show packed with singing, dancing, acrobatics, and even a little magic. This is my favorite, and one I recommend you do not miss if you’re sailing on the Divina.


Tonight was the Michael Jackson tribute. A fantastic show if you are an MJ fan. The dancer who plays Michael is amazing, and really brings Jackson’s moves to life.


We also stayed up for the late night activities in the Black and White lounge both nights. Last night, they played Quest, basically a scavenger hunt where you don’t leave the room. I’ll leave out the details, but suffice it to say that I *might* have been up in the center of the room dressed in women’s shoes, a bra (over my shirt), a purse, and lipstick. I’ve gotta make sure that picture never sees the light of day 🙂

Tonight’s late night event was a dancing competition (think Dancing with the Stars). Jen volunteered to be a judge, and really had fun with it. I know I’ve said it before, but the entertainment team on this ship are really good at their jobs. We’ve had a blast every single day participating in the events they run. They all really seem to love what they do, and it shows every time we see them.


Moving back to Yacht Club since that’s really where I wanted to focus these posts, we spent plenty of time yesterday and today in Top Sail Lounge, which we’re really finding to be a nice place to relax, grab a quick drink, and maybe even a snack. We haven’t paid for a single drink on the boat, thanks to the included beverages in Top Sail, Le Muse, The One Pool, and our minibar.

I hadn’t tried The One Pool for breakfast until yesterday, and am a bit sad I didn’t do so earlier. Both the scrambled eggs and bacon up there are so much better than the main buffet (on any ship we’ve been on). Add the quiet atmosphere as you eat with the ocean in view, and it’s a great place to grab breakfast if you’re staying in Yacht Club! We also spent some time up there again today getting sun. The glass along the side does a great job of blocking external noise, as the Carnival Victory was parked next to us today and had music blaring the entire time, but up there, I really couldn’t hear it.

We hit the waterslides today, too, right after getting sun at The One Pool. We must have ridden half a dozen times, as it was dead since a lot of people were off in Nassau. Their slide is fun, but seeing the Escape in port, and remembering how much fun their slides are, I admit to a little jealousy every time I looked over. Regardless, we had a blast.

Bayley and I followed the waterslides up with a trip to the F1 simulator. We did this last time, too, and did horribly that time. I think we were both expecting it to be more arcade-style, while it’s actually pretty realistic. This time around, knowing that, we both did better. It’s really fun, just know that knowledge of shift points, proper apex techniques, and familiarity with paddle shifters really helps. Oh, and apparently they recently stopped allowing anyone under 16 to use it, though. Something about a kid racking up a large bill on it.


I think that about covers the past two days. We’re all packed, and our suitcases are outside awaiting pickup, sadly. We’ve had an absolute blast this trip, and the Yacht Club experience has made this feel like a completely different cruise from our Christmas sailing. Over the weekend, I’ll get a blog post up summarizing our thoughts on the trip, including all the positives and negatives. For now, goodnight from somewhere between Nassau and Miami!

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2 thoughts on “MSC Divina Day 7 – Do We Really Have to Get Off?”

  1. I have to say the chronicle of your trip makes one feel as one is on the trip with you. Very detailed and you capture the main points.

    I too have sailed on the Divina before mid December of 2015 with my mom and cousin. We had an amazing time. The shows were awesome and like you loved the entertainment team. I have cruised before on other lines and never have I participated in basically all the activities and that in part is due to the entertainment team. I did notice a new face or two.

    I will be sailing on Divina this coming April 9 -16 with my mom. MSC has become her favorite cruise line. The itinerary takes us to Bermuda. I am hoping the entertainment team is still the same and no one has left prior to our trip. Do you know if any will have ended their contract? None the less, I know it will still be fun. Never been to Bermuda that in itself is exciting.

    MSC is a great cruise line.

    Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. Safe travels.


    1. Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed them! Jaime should still be on, as he said his contract runs through June, but beyond that, not sure about the rest of them.

      Really like that ship, and the overall MSC product. We had a great time on both sailings, and are totally jealous you get to sail on the Divina to Bermuda. Beautiful island!

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