Vilamendhoo Resort – Paradise Found

On the afternoon of our fourth day, we headed over to the guest services building in the hopes that they had some space open up in the water villas, which would allow us to stay over there, but no such luck, they were totally booked. Oh well, it was worth a try! They did tell us that we’d be moving to Jacuzzi Beach Villa room 205 the following day, so we at least had our room number. One of the nice things here is that they moved our luggage for us. We packed up the morning of the move, spent every last minute in the water off our balcony, then when the time came put our suitcases outside of our villa. While Bayley and I carried the stuff we wanted to move ourselves over to our new room, Jen went to guest services and picked up the new keys.

I will admit to a level of disappointment upon entering our new room. The beach villas are nice, for sure, but it wasn’t the water villa. The beach villas are 20sqm smaller, but it still fit us fine. The jacuzzi beach villas are along the best stretch of beach on the island in my opinion, so it didn’t take me long to get over my slight disappointment.

For a full walk-through of the room, I’ll again point to Vilamendhoo’s official video of it, as it’s a perfectly accurate representation of what to expect. As you see in the video, these rooms come with two chairs on the porch, and two beach chairs for you out on the sand, but after realizing there were three of us in the room, our housekeeper added another chair in each location without us saying a word. This is just one example of the outstanding service we received all week.

One thing I forgot to mention is that we did use the jacuzzi in both rooms. The thing seems to turn itself on every hour or two in order to keep warm, so we never had to wait to use it. They are located in the back of the room, as the walk-through showed, so you’re not getting any view of the ocean or beach when in it, but it’s a nice way to relax after snorkeling all day!


Closing out the rooms, I did enjoy the water villa more, and wish the room swap would have been reversed so that we ended the trip in that one, but both were perfectly fine, and frankly the beach villa offered a shorter walk to the rest of the island’s facilities, so bonus there! You really can’t go wrong with either room in my opinion, but I am absolutely in love with over the water bungalows :-).

Moving on, we’ll talk about one of my favorite locations on the island, the spa! We’d received a free 15 minute massage for each of us, which is an excellent way to get people in the door. We used ours the first full night we were there, and wanting longer treatments, we all opted to add various services on. I chose to get a Balinese massage and extend the normal 60 minute time to 75 by combining my free massage with it. I have to say, it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had, and I definitely left feeling relaxed. The girls got their short massages followed by pedicures, which they loved. We enjoyed it so much that we scheduled more treatments for the 7th night of our stay. I opted for the Thai massage this time, again, spectacular. Worth. Every. Penny.

Up next on page 3, the restaurant, bars, and a few other random spots!

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