MSC Seaside: The Ship!

One of the last entertainment spaces on my list is the arcade and bowling venue. Situated deck 7 aft on the port side, this area combines a couple different areas from the Divina, as it houses bowling, arcade games, 4D theater, and the F1 simulator. Unlike the Divina, the bowling alley on Seaside offers full size bowling, not the smaller duckpin sized setup. Bayley and I bowled one day, which I think cost $25 for 30 minutes. It was a blast, but keep in mind that bowling on a moving ship is a challenging endeavor if there’s any side to side movement. That doesn’t detract from the fun, you just have to adjust your throw 🙂

We didn’t end up doing the F1 simulator on this sailing, unforutunately. We generally save that for Nassau, but this time when we stopped by it was closed, and we never got back to it. The simulator did look like fun, and while it still had the same Aviano track the Divina did, the screen seemed to be much better as you’ll see in the picture of it at the end of this post.

Moving on, just like any other contemporary ship, the Seaside has plenty of shopping for anyone looking to pick up a watch, sunglasses, MSC logo items, or any number of other things. Most of the shops are located on deck 6 in Piazza Grande, where you can get things like jewelry, watches, duty free items, and clothes, among other things. This area is also home to the Venchi Chocolate and Coffee Bar. Mmmmmmmm. They’re making fresh chocolate most of the day, so simply walking through this area is going to make you hungry for some. I really wish I could bottle that smell and post it here, it’d be worth it. Flip through the pictures here to check this place out!

Outside of Piazza Grande, there are a few more shops including a watch/sunglasses store near the atrium on deck 7, the MSC logo store near the atrium on deck 8, and the jewelry store right around the corner on deck 8.

Last but not least, let’s talk about cabins. In my “Initial Thoughts” post I discussed the pros and cons of our main cabin, 9250, and included 360 photos of it, so I won’t waste space re-posting those. Be sure to head over to that post and check them out! During the inaugural sailing we were in 11054, a Fantastica balcony, which internally is identical to 9250, save for the bed/couch placement:

Not to rehash things, but the standard balcony cabin size really needs more storage. For the two of us in 11054 we managed okay, but with three people, 9250 needed more drawers, shelves, or some sort of additional storage, as we were partially living out of suitcases and storing shoes under the bed. In 9250, I’d have sacrificed a foot or two of balcony space in that room to get more storage, honestly.

Jen and I also had the opportunity to tour a few other cabin types during the inaugural, including a couple of Yacht Club cabins. Of the non-YC rooms, 15239 was probably my favorite from an interior aspect. I don’t have the video tour up yet, so keep an eye on our YouTube or Veer channels, but the gist is that it appeared to have more storage space than the typical balcony cabin does. On the flip side, I’m not quite sure how I feel about the balcony. It’s an aft-wrap, so it’s got space as you can see in my 360 shot of it here, but 15’s the only level that doesn’t come with at least a small obstruction, as the balcony cleaning rig is stored out there the entire cruise. Here’s a shot of it from our balcony:


It obviously doesn’t impact the aft view, but does obstruct the side view, and on some levels more than others. As you can see above, the deck 9 aft balcony has that large cable roll rig out there, while the three above it only have the ladder in the way. I’m not saying I’d turn the cabin down, as I love a good aft view, it’s just something to be aware of when booking.

The other cool cabin we saw was the forward Grand Suite, cabin 12001. It sleeps up to 5 between the two bedrooms and the single person sofa bed, has two bathrooms, and features a large walk in closet. My only reservation with this category is once again the balcony. It’s a good sized balcony, but being forward, the steel extends a little higher, obstructing your view when sitting down out there. I can see where being out there would be uncomfortable in windy conditions as well. If you need the space, however, these rooms are a good option, and a forward view can be awesome. Check out our 360 degree tour of this cabin and check it out for yourself. When I get to the balcony in this, I sit down and move the camera to eye-level to show what the view looks like for someone at my height when seated (6′ 2″):

As I mentioned, I’ve got a few more cabin videos to prepare, including the Yacht Club rooms, so keep an eye out!

That brings me to the end of this post, and if you’ve hung around this long, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! This is a beautiful ship with a ton of interest among the cruise community since it was announced, and I hope I’ve done it some justice! For now, enjoy some pictures from on-board, including a bunch from the kids club areas, and be sure to flip through our pictures posted during the sailing on our Instagram account!

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2 thoughts on “MSC Seaside: The Ship!”

  1. Hi! On January I’m taking MSC Seaside from Miami. We are a group of 5 and we are un three different balcony cabins. When we buy the cruise, they told us that it could be obstructed by the boats or other. I would like to ask you if there is balcony cabins where the boats are.
    I saw the obstruction that you mentioned here but yet I don’t see it as something that bothers THAT much, but if the boat is in the middle I think it would be different.

    Thank you very much

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