MSC Divina: Day 3 Recap

Today started off much better (no headaches), but slightly later due to the time change overnight, having moved our clocks forward. I think we got up around 9:30 and had to rush to get ready for the first item on our agenda, the foosball tournament that Bayley wanted to take part in.
It took a while for people to show up, and after her first round victory, she decided to skip the rest, as playing on a moving ship was making her a little dizzy (the heat and humidity in Le Sirene weren’t helping either). She and Jen also wanted to make Christmas bookmarks, which was at the same time, so we headed to the La Cantina Bacco for that, where they ended up making Christmas signs and covering themselves in glitter 🙂 

Next on tap was Scattergories in the Golden Jazz Bar, and we had an absolute blast. Jaime is an excellent host for this stuff and really keeps it lively. We lost, but not by too much.

For lunch today, we headed to the buffet. By this time it was raining out, so we expected it to be packed, but since everyone seemed to eat breakfast late, the lunch lines weren’t too bad. I once again had pizza, along with a small piece of bratwurst, which was really good.

After relaxing in the room for a bit, we headed down for bingo. This was definitely the most entertaining bingo session we’ve seen on a ship, as they had the “bingo boys” on stage; five members of the entertainment staff joking around, and doing a different countdown every time a number in the “B” column was called. We didn’t win, but still, definitely worth attending.
Next on the list was another round of trivia. The trivia host, Jaime (same guy from Scattergories) is really good at his job, and makes these events really fun. While we came in a close second, I did notice my previous statement regarding them not giving any trinkets to the winners was wrong. The winning team was seated next to us this round, and they got MSC t-shirts. They had an extra, which they very kindly gave to Bayley :).

After a quick jaunt up to the 14th deck to get ice cream cones, we sat in on Taboo, also hosted by Jaime. Again, quite fun, but no prizes (we were on the winning team, too 😦 ). We had a great afternoon, even with a bout of rain arriving.

On a side note, people need to relax when it comes to trivia on a ship. After Taboo, some guy came up to Jaime telling him he was wrong on one of the earlier questions, and that this guy was on back to back sailings and would be at all trivia events both weeks making sure Jaime got everything right. Wow. It’s all in good fun, so relax and enjoy yourself. Somehow there’s always a know-it-all on board ready to suck the fun out of these events.

Stepping down off my soapbox, we move on to dinner. Tonight was Italian night, which brought with it some excellent food in the MDR. Definitely the best full dinner we’ve had in here yet, in my opinion. I started off with the Antipasto Italiano, with a Caesar salad following, and the Trenette Alla Portofino for my entrée. It really was some of the best pasta I’ve had yet. Shortly before dessert, the waiters paraded tiramisu through the dining room, which they automatically served to everyone. I’m normally not a fan of it, as the espresso (which I don’t like) normally overpowers the rest of it, but this was excellent and I ate my entire piece. We all did add another dessert from the menu too, the nutella ice cream sundae. Also delicious :). If your sailing on the Divina any time soon, Italian night in the MDR is not to be missed!


Our bellies full, we headed to the lobby so the crew could attempt to sell everyone clothes for a fashion show. I was stunned at how packed all levels of the lobby were for it, and credit to the staff, they really seemed to enjoy performing for everyone.

The show tonight was titled Simply Italiano, and was limited to singing and dancing, no acrobatics, unfortunately. These type of shows really aren’t my cup of tea, but to be fair, the singers are some of the best we’ve seen on a ship. Near the end, in a nod to their American passengers, the four singers came out and sang the Star Spangled Banner.

 That’s about it for day 3. We’ve had a blast the past two sea days, but are definitely looking forward to some shore time.
On tap for day 4: On to St Thomas! We’ve got the BOSS Underwater Scooters booked again, but not until noon this time, so we’ll probably walk around the port area and do a little shopping before it’s time to meet up with them. Can’t wait!

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