Our European Adventure Begins!

As we soar high over the Atlantic towards Munich aboard a half-empty Lufthansa A330, I figured I’d get a little writing in as we begin our latest adventure! I can’t sleep, either, so I might as well do something productive, right?

This time around we’re headed to Europe to take a bit of a stroll down the Danube river aboard the Ama Waterways AmaLea. Sounds amazing, right? Well, it’s not all fun and games :), we’re actually part of a conference with others from our agent network, as this is a chartered sailing for a handful of us to network with river cruise execs and learn a little more about this niche from those who know it best. Now that’s not to say we won’t be having any fun, we certainly will, they’re giving us plenty of free time to enjoy the views along the way and we’re free to do whatever we want at all of the stops as we sail from Budapest to Vilshoven! To make this trip even better, we also scheduled a little pre and post time in other parts of Europe. Our full itinerary, for those interested:

We’re pretty excited, we’ve never been to any of these cities, so follow along and see how things unfold! Who knows, maybe something we post will inspire the adventurer in you! Follow hashtag #WanderlistEuroTrip on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with all the action!

Author: Wanderlist Vacations

We're just an average family that loves to travel. I'd trade my desk for a balcony any day of the week!

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